There is a name for technology without strategy: Rube Goldberg devices. Cool though those devices may be, we don’t build them. Solid strategy is at the heart of each of our projects. We work hand-in-hand with your team to create a road map for success.

The following outlines our strategic planning process.  You may plug in at any stage. While most customers begin at step 1, others jump in at other points in the process. Some customers, for example, come to us with their requirements and research done.  We will meet you wherever you are and whatever you need.

Our Strategic Planning Process

01 Requirements

Identify strengths, weekneses,opportunities and threats. Set measurable goals for the project. Establish a timeline and budget. Scope out available resources.

02 Industry Analysis

Survey the terrain. What are competitors doing well? What could they do better? What are competitor's tones, styles and messages? What is missing? How can we eclipse the competition?

03 Internal Process Analysis

Clearly define what tasks this project will tackle. Determine how those tasks are done today and how they could be done better with new web tools. Create a workflow, process and training plans.

04 Site Mapping

Create a map that details the paths your customers will take through your site. Identify and correct any dead-ends, pitfalls or sources of confusion.

05 Data Mapping

Based on the requirements and site map, ascertain what data is needed from internal sources, external sources and from customers. Determine what data we have now and what we need to collect. Determine the ideal flow and format for this data.

06 Storyboarding

Lay out all the pages/screens for this project. Storyboards (sometimes called wireframes) are sketches that illustrate page layouts and workflow, helping us all visualize how customers will work through our project.

07 Design Mockups

Create two or three design mockups that take the storyboards to the next level. Mockups present distinct style options with different color palettes, fonts and graphics.

08 Test Planning

Define the tests required to ensure the project meets its objectives and satisfies its customers.  Gather all necessary resources to conduct testing when the time arrives.

09 Launch Planning

Develop a plan for launching, promoting and maintaining the project.  Make sure all stakeholders are on board and ready for their assignments at launch.